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EPS XPS Foam Maohinery Mold Materal

Sponge Production Machinery

It is suitable for sponge products with small batches but many complex geometric patterns.The DTC-SD2012 model is a new design, a new and more reasonable gearbox design, which improves the heat dissipation performance of the equipment.

EPS production machinery

The main frame is welded by special-shaped square tubes, and the structure is reliable Equipped with horizontal, vertical and integral cutting devices, which can realize three-way cutting.


It is welded by 16-22mm steel plate, and the welding adopts carbon dioxide protection welding. All templates are tempered at high temperature and shot peened at high pressure, with good strength and high surface hardness.The template is CNC machined, with high machining accuracy.

EPS/PU Material

The rigid foam flat cutting machine is a user-friendly operation interface, which saves material, time and labor.Automatic sawing thickness adjustment system to ensure accurate sawing thickness.

Customize Machinery/Accessories

We must continue to innovate, constantly enrich ourselves, and always firmly believe that opportunities are not waiting to come, but rely on ourselves to fight for them, and are reserved for those who are prepared.

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About D&T

It is a professional manufacturer specializing in the research, development and manufacture of foam machinery, foam cutting machinery and other equipment. The company focuses on technology development, providing customers with high-quality and reliable machines to create value for customers. The self-developed software has been perfectly integrated with CAD which is widely used in the world, so that the equipment produced by our company has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high production efficiency, high cutting precision and easy operation.

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